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Bottle Openers:

Winco CO-301 - Large Bottle Opener

Manufacturer: WINCO
Mfg. Item No.: CO-301
Zesco Item No.: 018-B-161
You Pay: $3.10 Each

Winco CO-302 - Can Punch - Bottle Opener - Heavy Duty

Manufacturer: WINCO
Mfg. Item No.: CO-302
Zesco Item No.: 214-D-007
You Pay: $2.91 Each

Winco CO-501 - Winged Corkscrew Puller

Manufacturer: WINCO
Mfg. Item No.: CO-501
Zesco Item No.: 018-B-011
You Pay: $8.74 Each

Winco CO-511 - Waiter's Corkscrew with Curved Knife and Bottle Opener   (Stainless Steel)

Manufacturer: WINCO
Mfg. Item No.: CO-511
Zesco Item No.: 018-B-012
You Pay: $8.95 Each

Brown STARR-VENDO-Z - Nickel Plated Bottle Opener

Mfg. Item No.: STARR-VENDO-Z
Zesco Item No.: 102-B-001
You Pay: $10.05 Each

Co-Rect WCS814 - Dual Action Waiters Corkscrew   (Fully Removes Wine Cork in Two Steps - Stainless Steel / Black)

Mfg. Item No.: WCS814
Zesco Item No.: 166-D-018
You Pay: $6.76 Each

Winco BCH-14 - Bottle Cap Catcher - Stainless Steel   (5-1/2" Wide x 3-1/2" Deep x 13-3/4" Tall )

Manufacturer: WINCO
Mfg. Item No.: BCH-14
Zesco Item No.: 329-B-013
You Pay: $62.31 Each

Focus Group742BK - Waiter's Corkscrew with Foil Cutter

Manufacturer: FOCUS GROUP
Mfg. Item No.: 742BK
Zesco Item No.: 703-D-002
You Pay: $13.09 Each

Winco CO-401 - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener - Stainless Steel   (Vertical Mount Under Counter)

Manufacturer: WINCO
Mfg. Item No.: CO-401
Zesco Item No.: 772-D-258
You Pay: $2.50 Each
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