Candle Lamp 30114 - 29-Hour Fuel Cell (1-1/3" Diameter x 5-4/7" Tall)

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29 Hour Fuel Cell - 6" Height
This product has been discontinued.

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Candle Lamp 30114 - 29-Hour Fuel Cell
1-1/3" Diameter x 5-4/7" Tall

Here's a great solution for illuminating tall cylinder lamps without having to clean up after melted wax. This fuel cell is 1 3/8" in diameter, and stands 5 13/16" tall, and contains liquid paraffin wax that produces a natural flame that can last up to 29 hours. Once the fuel is depleted, just throw the entire fuel cell away. Manufactured by the Candle Lamp Company, who have created beautiful mood lighting for over 30 years.


  • Soft-Light Liquid Fuel Cell
  • 29 Hour Burn Time
  • 36 Per Case
  • Unscented

Dimensions:  1-1/3" DIAMETER x 5-4/7" TALL

Note:  Vendor policy requires minimum purchase of 4 cases of candle fuel cells, but sizes may be mixed or matched.

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Candle Lamp 30114 - 29-Hour Fuel Cell