Dynamic MX070.1 - Commercial Immersion Blender - 7" Detachable Shaft  (Variable Speed - Mini-Pro Mixer )

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Mini-Pro Mixer with Emulsifying Blade
  • Mini-Pro Mixer with Emulsifying Blade
  • Detail of Emulsifying Blade
  • Detail of Ergonomic Handle
  • Detail of Variable Speed Control
  • Extra Cutting Blades Included
  • Manufacturer: DYNAMIC
  • Zesco Item No.: 523-D-028
  • Mfg. Item No.: MX070.1
  • Usually Ships: 1 Day (Business Days)

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Dynamic MX070.1 - Commercial Immersion Blender - 7" Detachable Shaft
Variable Speed - Mini-Pro Mixer

This Mini-Pro mixer immersion blender from Dynamic is a great choice for mixing batter, blending smoothies, and much more. It has a 7" detachable shaft and variable speed from 0 to 13000 RPM. The specially designed ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and work with even through the longest work day. For best results, always allow about 2" of clearance between the bottom of the mixer bell and the bottom of the pot. Please click the "Immersion Mixer" link that can be found just above the product image if you would like to see other similar items sold on Zesco.com.

  • Mini Pro Mixer 7" Detachable Shaft
  • Variable Speed 0-13000 Rpm
  • 4 Cutter Blades: Emulsify, Standard, Batter & Dairy
  • .25 To 3 Gallon Capacity
  • 200 Watts
  • ETL Approved
Dimensions: 15 1/2"TALL x 2.8" DIAMETER
Electrical: 115v/60/1ph
Warranty: 1 Year Carry In Parts And Labor Excluding Wear & Tear Parts
Dynamic Mixers: the Do's and Don'ts

Dynamic has been creating some of the most versatile and well-built stick mixers for over 35 years. That signature orange trim is a sure sign that you've got a good quality piece of equipment in your hands. Dynamic not only designs and creates their products, they also manufacturer the mixers. Their success can be accredited to their one simple rule: the satisfaction of the end-user. Not every company can boast that their goal is to make their customers happy like Dynamic. They use streamlined and simplified designs to keep costs and repairs low while using quality parts that are always available to the customer.

As with any electrical equipment there are always going to be some things you'll want to avoid and some steps that you'll want to do often to keep your mixer in tip-top shape. Below we have outlined some simple Do's and Don'ts that should be followed when using your Dynamic mixer. Of course, some models will differ in some features and methods of care.

Dynamic Hand Mixer Diagram


  • Turn on the mixer once it is submersed
  • Make sure the mixer bell and blade is submersed when operating
  • Submerging the mixer end provides resistance against the blade and motor. This stops the motor from spinning to fast and damaging the seals which help maintain a smooth operation.
  • Move the mixer with a stirring motion while using
  • This will help to more evenly and quickly mix/chop your product.
  • Clean your mixer after every use following proper cleaning and maintenance procedure
  • Check the motor brushes and cutter blade annually for signs of wear and possible replacement
  • Store your mixer using the proper wall-mount bracket


Dynamic Hand Mixer Bell and Blade

  • Take the machine or motor apart to clean it
  • Simply immerse the shaft in a bucket containing a mild soap and water mixture and turn on the mixer, using it like your normally would, for 30 seconds. Once finished, turn off and unplug the mixer and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Run the mixer longer than 5-7 minute intervals.
  • Keeping the motor cool is important. Using the mixer for 5-7 minutes and then allowing it to have the same amount of resting time will ensure the motor does not overheat.
  • Leave the mixer unattended while running
  • Set the mixer on the bottom of the pot while mixing.
  • Always allow for 2" of clearance between the bottom of the mixer bell and the bottom of the pot.

One thing that is important to note is that certain uses may require a larger mixer. For instance, refried beans have a very dense texture. It is advised to use a larger-than-normally-needed mixer to lessen the strain on the motor. This will ensure long motor life and a more consistent product.

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Dynamic MX070.1 - Commercial Immersion Blender - 7" Detachable Shaft