Hatco TQ-1800 Toast-Qwik - Conveyor Toaster - 1,800 Slices Per Hour (Toasts One or Two Sides - 14.0" Wide Belt - 2.0" Tall Mouth - Toasts Both Sides - Max Product Size 13.58" W x 1.75" H - NEMA 6-30P)

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Hatco TQ-1800 Double Side Conveyor Toaster
  • Hatco TQ-1800 Double Side Conveyor Toaster
  • Hatco TQ-1800 Controls
  • Manufacturer: HATCO CORPORATION
  • Zesco Item No.: 476-D-023
  • Mfg. Item No.: TQ-1800
  • Usually Ships: 3-10 Days (Business Days)

You Pay: $1,753.56 Each

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Hatco TQ-1800 Toast-Qwik - Conveyor Toaster - 1,800 Slices Per Hour
Toasts One or Two Sides - 14.0" Wide Belt - 2.0" Tall Mouth - Toasts Both Sides - Max Product Size 13.58" W x 1.75" H - NEMA 6-30P

For more than six decades, Hatco has specialized in innovative products for the foodservice industry. The company has created many firsts for the industry, and strives to keep being a leader in the market. From Hatco is the Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toaster, which is ideal for fast paced environments and will help to keep your productivity level up. This toaster is able to toast up to 1800 slices of bread per hour, and can toast one or both sides. This unit features the Color Guard Sensing System which helps to provide a uniform product every time. Featuring a 2"T opening and 14"W belt, this item accepts all bread types. This unit features electronic infinite controls, a power save mode, and an easy load rack that offers either front or rear discharge of your bread. With insulation and an interior fan, the surface of this unit will be cool to the touch.

  • Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toaster
  • Electric Horizontal Conveyor Type
  • 14" Wide Belt
  • Accepts All Bread Types
  • 2" Tall Opening
  • European White Color (Bright White)
  • Toasts Up To 1800 Slices Per Hour
  • Colorguard Sensing System
  • Toasts 1 Or Both Sides
  • Specify Voltage
Dimensions: 16-5/8" TALL x 18-1/2" WIDE x 22-3/4" DEEP
Electrical: 208 Volt, 21.4 Amps Or 240 Volt, 18.5 Amps,Single Phase NEMA 6-30P
Warranty: 1 Year Parts And Labor

Note: All Production Capabilities Are Based On Moisture Levels Of Your Bread Products.
Commercial Conveyor Toasters

If your old toaster can’t keep up with the demand of bagels, toasted bread, or buns, we have you covered. We offer dozens of models of commercial conveyor toasters from APW, Hatco, and Star to choose from, with some models priced under $500. Whether you need to toast 300 pieces per hour or 1,800 per hour, we have what you need. We also carry toasters with variable heat controls, adjustable conveyor speed, and the option to toast one or both sides of the bread.

Star QCS2-600HA

If you run a burger joint and want a faster and more efficient way to toast your fresh hamburger buns, the Star QCS2-600HA is perfect for you. The three inch tall mouth and ten inch wide belt let you comfortably fit two hamburger buns side by side, enabling you to toast up to 600 buns per hour. This toaster utilizes quartz infrared heaters that heat up fully within seconds, allowing you to start toasting in no time. The option of toasting only one or both sides make it perfect for hamburger buns since you only want to toast the sides that touch the burger. Given its compact footprint, this toaster is great for any restaurant that is short on space by still needs high output.

Hatco TQ-1800BA Toast-Qwik

Having a high demand for your food is great, but not when your equipment can’t keep up to supply all the hungry customers. The TQ1800BA-Qwik conveyor toaster can toast up to 1,800 slices of bread or bagels per hour - the highest output available. The electronic browning controls and the Color Guard Sensing System ensure that your bagels have a uniform color and crunch every single time they come out. An interior fan and built-in insulation keep the outside of the unit relatively cool, making it one less appliance that you can easily burn yourself by touching. If bagels and toast aren’t on your restaurant’s menu, the 14 inch wide opening makes it great for toasting hoagie buns or longer slices of bread. This model only toasts one side but the TQ-1800H can toast both sides at the same output!

Serving toast is a quick and profitable way to add to your restaurant’s menu. The commercial conveyor toasters we carry are the appliances you need to ramp up toasting production. Whether you need one that toasts two sides at once, can toast bagels and hamburger buns, or need to toast 1800 slices of bread per hour, we have what you’ve been missing.

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Hatco TQ-1800 Toast-Qwik - Conveyor Toaster - 1,800 Slices Per Hour