Ice-O-Matic ICE1006HW - Cube Ice Machine Head - 960 Lbs Per Day  (Water Cooled - Half Dice 3/8"x7/8"x7/8 - 30" Wide)

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30" Wide Ice Machine
  • 30" Wide Ice Machine
  • 30" Wide Ice Machine with Bin
  • Half Dice Cube
  • Manufacturer: ICE-O-MATIC
  • Zesco Item No.: 318-A-070
  • Mfg. Item No.: ICE1006HW

You Pay: $4,851.64 Each
FREE SHIPPING (To Commercial Address)

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Ice-O-Matic ICE1006HW - Cube Ice Machine Head - 960 Lbs Per Day
Water Cooled - Half Dice 3/8"x7/8"x7/8 - 30" Wide

If your restaurant uses a lot of cubed ice every day, you'll appreciate this water cooled Ice-O-Matic ice machine that can produce 960 pounds of half dice (3/8" x 7/8" x 7/8") ice per day. The unit is only 30" wide, 24" deep, and 26" tall, and is constructed from durable stainless steel and fingerprint-proof plastic. You can count on this machine using 158 gallons of water to produce 100 lbs. of ice. The ice machine has built-in anti-microbial protection helps keep bacteria from forming on the ice maker surfaces to give your customers a safer and more sanitary ice cube. You can learn more about this product when you click the PDF tab above. There is free shipping when you have this item sent to a commercial address.

  • Ice-O-Matic ICE1006HW - Cube Ice Machine Head
  • 30" Wide X 24" Deep X 26" Tall
  • Produces Maximum Of 960 Lbs Of Ice Per Day
  • Half Dice Cube 3/8" X 7/8" X 7/8"
  • Constructed Of Stainless Steel & Fingerprint-proof Plastic
  • Factory Installed Optional Top Air Discharge Available
  • Antimicrobial Protection Inhibits Bacteria
  • Nickel Plated Evaporator
  • NSF
  • Water Cooled Machine
Dimensions: 30" WIDE x 24" DEEP x 26" TALL
Electrical: 208-230 Volts, 12.8 Amps - Cord And Plug Not Included
Warranty: 3 Year Parts And Labor, 5 Years Parts- Compressor/Evaporator

Note: Purchase An Ice-O-Matic Water Filter With The Ice Maker And Receive A 7 Years Parts & Labor Warranty On The Evaporator
Ice Machines: Air-Cooled vs Water-Cooled

Scotsman C0322MW-1B - Prodigy Cube Ice Machine Head - 361 Lbs Per Day

If you’re looking to get an ice machine for your establishment but can’t decide which type is the best for you, we’re here to help. With commercial ice machines, there are three different types of condensers: air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote condensers. A condenser is a vital piece to refrigeration systems, eliminating heat to allow for continuous cooling inside. Determining what type of condenser you need depends on how much ice is needed per day, the working conditions of the ice machine, and the geographical location of your establishment. We carry all three types here at Zesco so whatever type of ice machine you decide that you need, we have it in stock.

Water-Cooled Ice Machines

If your establishment is located in a hot and humid climate where there aren’t any water usage restrictions, then a water-cooled ice machine is ideal for you. The air temperature doesn’t impact the condenser's cooling process of these ice machines significantly since they use water rather than air. These types of ice machines use less electricity when compared to air-cooled and remote-condenser machines, but use a much higher amount of water per day since there has to be a separate water line that runs into the condenser. If you’re looking for an ice machine that is relatively quiet, this is also the best options since there is no noisy fan in the condenser.

Air-Cooled Ice Machines

For a cheaper route, air-cooled ice machines are the way to go. These units are usually less expensive than water-cooled models and also use less water, saving you more money throughout the year as well. The way these units work is air is circulated over the water lines, keeping the heat at a minimum and water inside cool. An easy to install process makes for almost every commercial kitchen to be suitable for an air-cooled ice machine. The downside to air-cooled ice makers is the compressor coil fan which can be quite noisy while running.

Remote Condenser for Ice Makers

Remote-Condenser Ice Machines

If noise and possibly a little added extra heat in your kitchen is an issue, then a remote-condenser ice machine would work out great in your establishment. Remote-condenser machines and air-cooled machines are virtually the same thing besides the fact the remote-cooled machines require a little more space to operate. The condenser unit is located away from the ice machine in a room or place where the noise and heat can be managed without disturbing the dining area or kitchen. These types of ice machines typically require air filters that need to be replaced regularly to maintain optimum performance.

Climate, space, and obviously cost play a big factor when it comes to figuring out which type of ice machine is best for your kitchen. When you determine which ice machine your kitchen is best suited for, head over to our commercial ice machine section to find the perfect one for your establishment today!

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Ice-O-Matic ICE1006HW - Cube Ice Machine Head - 960 Lbs Per Day