MagiKitch'n Magicater LPAGA-60 - 60" Portable Outdoor Char Broiler


(LP Gas - AGA Approved )

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60" Radiant Char Broiler (Hood Opt.)
60" Radiant Char Broiler (Hood Opt.) 60" Unit With 30" Hood & Pan Support Close Up Spark Ignition Control
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Zesco Item No.: 443-D-045
Mfg. Item No.: LPAGA-60
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MagiKitch'n Magicater LPAGA-60 - Portable Outdoor Char Broiler - 60" Wide - LP Gas - AGA Approved

Portable Outdoor Char Broiler - MagiKitch'n Magicater LPAGA-60 Features:
The first outdoor gas grill approved by the American Gas Association for commercial use. Features: Aluminumized steel construction. Heavy duty 6" casters. Modular construction. Stainless steel radiants. Water tubs. Complete gas system, staylit pilot system. (2) 40 lb. horizontal tanks. Cooking Depth 24". Overall Depth 34".

Note: Cooking with hood option "closed" will increase production by approximately 40%.

Standard Features: * Aluminumized Steel Construction * Modular Design * Heavy Duty Top Grids * 8" Front service Shelf * Snap in Leg Systems * Spark Igniter System * 6" Heavy Duty Casters * Stainless Steel Radiants * Separate Burner/Control every 7" * Regulator/Hoses * Pilot System * Water Tubs * Removable Tank Cart System * (2) 40 Lb. Horizontal Propane Tanks * 30" Unit has Single Tank * A.G.A. Design Certified/C.G.A. Approval * Stainless Steel Finish

Approximate Production Per Hour: 30" / 60"
4 Oz Hamburger (thawed): 300 / 600
10 Oz Steak: 200 / 400
4 Oz Chicken Breast: 400 / 800
6 Oz Fish Steak: 250 / 500
Chicken: 125 / 250

Gas: LP Gas - 160,000 BTU's
Dimension: 60" Wide x 32" Deep
Warranty: One year on parts and labor

MagiKitch'n Magicater LPAGA-60 - Portable Outdoor Char Broiler

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which is better, Lava Rock or Radiant Charbroiler?

A: The difference is the way in which the heat is transferred. Radiant refers to a tent shaped strip of metal covering the flame (burner) which inhibits flare-ups (no exposed flame) and radiates the heat toward the food product. Because there are no flare-ups it is much easier to have consistent cooking results.
Lava rock is a porous stone, positioned above the burners. The porous lava rock catches and holds the drippings which, when heated, create that delicious aroma associated with grilling food. The downside of lava rock is that since it is porous it releases the fat dripping onto the flame below causing flare-ups. Consequently, lava rock grilling requires more attention throughout the grilling process.
MagiKitch'n Magicater LPAGA-60 - 60" Portable Outdoor Char Broiler
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