Pronto 891 - Chimichangas - Burritos Fryer Baskets  (11-1/2" Long x 6" Wide x 4" Deep )

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Chimi/Burrito Basket
  • Manufacturer: PRONTO PRODUCTS
  • Zesco Item No.: 566-D-008
  • Mfg. Item No.: PBPN0009
  • Usually Ships: 1 Day (Business Days)

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Pronto 891 - Chimichangas - Burritos Fryer Baskets
11-1/2" Long x 6" Wide x 4" Deep

This deep fryer basket from Pronto Products is a great way to create delicious chimichangas, burritos, turnovers, and corn dogs with ease. The basket is designed to hold three items at a time, and has a hinged lid to keep food from floating freely or falling into the bottom of the deep fryer. It has an overall size of 11-1/2" long, 6" wide, 4" deep, with 1" spacing between the racks. It is constructed from durable and easy care metal with a nickel chrome plate finish. If you're searching for other kinds of similar items to purchase, be sure to click the "Deep Fryer Baskets" link that is located just above the product image.

  • Pronto 891 - Fryer Basket
  • 11-1/2" Long X 6" Wide X 4" Deep
  • 1" Space Between Racks
  • 3 Racks
  • Hinged Lid
  • Perfect For Chimichangas, Turnovers, And/or Corn Dogs
  • Nickle Plated Chrome
Dimensions: 11-1/2" LONG x 6" WIDE x 4" DEEP
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Pronto 891 - Chimichangas - Burritos Fryer Baskets