Reach In Commercial Freezers and Refrigerators:

Zesco offers the following manufacturers in Commercial Reach-In Refrigeration: Beverage Air, True and Turbo Air. Reach-In Commercial Refrigeration specifically refers to Upright Commercial Refrigeration that one can literally reach into to access the food products. Reach-In Refrigeration is available in top and bottom mount series, which indicates the location of the compressor. When referring to the upright units, each full door opening is considered a section. A two door unit has two full section door openings. Half-door units may also be purchased. In other words, two half doors account for one full door opening or section. Half-Door Commercial Reach-In Refrigeration units are available in all solid or all glass doors or a combination of solid and glass. Most Commercial Reach-In Refrigeration comes in standard depths. True Manufacturing offers both standard and extra deep Commercial Reach-In Refrigeration. As for Reach-In finishes, one can buy the standard finish which is typically stainless steel fronts and aluminum sides, with aluminum interiors. Plus, there are many other combinations such as all stainless steel or stainless steel exteriors with aluminized interiors.

Reach In Commercial Freezers and Refrigerators:
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Reach In Commercial Freezers and Refrigerators
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