True 810862 - Replacement Door Gasket (For GDM-23, T-23, TS-23 Series)

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Door Gasket for True Mfg. Products
  • Manufacturer: TRUE MANUFACTURING
  • Zesco Item No.: 735-A-644
  • Mfg. Item No.: 810862
  • Usually Ships: 7-10 Days (Business Days)

You Pay: $83.06 Each
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True 810862 - Replacement Door Gasket
For GDM-23, T-23, TS-23 Series

Repair or Replace with authentic True parts. To ensure you order the correct parts for your unit, please call or chat with us and provide your model number and serial number. Some units may require different parts based your units date of manufacture.


  • Magnetic Door Gasket
  • Black
  • Use with True G4SM-23, G4SM-23FC, G4SM-23-PT, G4SM-23-RGS, G4SM-23RL, G4SM-23RL-SI, GDM-19, GDM-19 220V CE COKE SPAIN, GDM-23, GDM-23F, GDM-23FC, GDM-23F-RC, GDM-23HL, GDM-23PT, GDM-23R, GDM-23-RC, GDM-23RL, GDM-23W, GDM-23W-RC, GEM-23, GEM-23FC, GEM-23R, T-19, T-19E, T-19F, T-19FZ, T-19G, T-23, T-23F, T-23FG, T-23FG-2, T-23FG-RC, T-23FZ, T-23G, T-23G-PT, T-23G-RC, T-23G-RL, T-23PT, T-23RC, T-23RL, T-35FZ, T-49DT-G, TC-23, TS-19, TS-23, TS-23F, TS-23FG, TS-23G, TS-23G-PT, TS-23G-RL, TS-23PT

Dimensions:  25-1/8" WIDE x 54-1/8" TALL

Note:  For accurate parts matching, please contact us via phone or chat with your True model# and serial#. Some models may take different parts based on their time of manufacture.

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True Refrigeration Door Gasket Change Demo
True 810862 - Replacement Door Gasket