Choosing the Right Commercial Dishwasher

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Jet Tech F-18DP - Commercial Undercounter Dishwasher - High Temp

A good commercial dishwasher is an investment that is worth its weight in plates or cups and a very necessary part of any food service operation. But what kind of dishwasher is right for your business?

Ask yourself some very important questions before you pick out your commercial dishwasher. How much space do you have for a dishwasher and what other accessories will you need? How many customers come through your restaurant on a typical evening? How many dishes does each customer commonly use that will need to be washed?


How to get the most out of your insulated beverage dispenser

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Cambro 250LCD - Insulated Beverage Dispenser - 2-1/2 Gallon

When catering an event, transporting beverages is a hassle without the use of an insulated beverage dispenser. Cambro’s dispensers are well-known for their quality and portability. We carry a wide variety of Cambro’s insulated here at


Back Bar Basics

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Liquor Speed Rail

If your bar is not organized, it will cause a multitude of problems for your bartenders and guests alike. Your bartenders won’t be able to make drinks quickly and efficiently while your guests will get annoyed when their drinks take a long time or aren’t correct. Run a successful bar business with these tips for maximum profits without the headache.


4 Unique Pizza Ideas for Fall

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Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese

Pizza is always a crowd favorite and a go-to meal option that is a surefire people pleaser. Make sure you have all of your pizza tools in hand, such as a serving tray, cutter or rocker, pie server, tray stand or any other pizza essential. Zesco has all of the necessary pizza tools in stock online and in our showroom if you’re in the Indianapolis area!


Employee Spotlight: Thomas Fugate

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thomas fugate

Meet Thomas Fugate! Thomas has worked at Zesco for almost 16 years in Sales and we’re so happy to have him as part of the team! If you’ve been inside our showroom, chances are you have talked to or met Thomas.


Garnishes to Make Your Presentation Pop

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vegetable garnisher

Garnishes should not only be beautiful, but it’s a bonus if they are edible as part of your cocktail or dish. Put down the paper umbrellas and make your own unique, edible garnishes that will wow your guests. The possibilities are endless once you start making your own garnishes and letting your creative juices flow. You can get started with a nine piece garnishing kit that is a must-have for any serious chef.


Lower Energy Costs Year Round with an Air Curtain

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Berner ALC08-1072E - Heated Air Curtain - 72W

Air curtains are one of the best and most affordable ways to greatly reduce energy costs. Placing one at the entrance to your restaurant or near the entrance to your kitchen will help maintain a constant temperature. Maintaining a constant temperature will keep your air conditioning or heat from running nonstop. We here at Zesco offer a wide selection of Berner air curtains that range from indoor curtains to outdoor curtains, heated and unheated, low profile to standard, and many more! Berner’s commercial high performance line of air doors are some of the best available in today’s market.


Commercial Kitchen Doors

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Eliason DSP-3-48 - 48 Double Door Opening - Easy Swing Dual Action

If the kitchen doors in your restaurant don’t fit your doorway quite well or if they don’t fit in with your restaurant’s color scheme, your customers will surely notice. Here at Zesco, we offer seven different models of Eliason Easy Swing Dual Action Doors. Each door comes with Easy Eliason Dual Action Swing Hinges that make even the heaviest of doors to open smoothly in both directions and are manufactured in a large selection of colors and laminates. Since every door is made to order, all variations of doors can be customized to fit your restaurant’s needs.


Keep Your Kitchen in Crystal Clean Condition

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Keep your kitchen in crystal clean condition

To keep your customers and staff safe, a clean kitchen is a top priority. Not only does a clean kitchen prevent against food poisoning and workplace hazards, it keeps your equipment running longer and in the best condition possible.


Celebrate Fall with Homemade Apple Cider

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homemade apple cider

Fall is right around the corner. The leaves start to change colors, the air turns cool and crisp, and that’s when you know it’s time for a trip to the apple orchard. What do you do with all of the fresh apples you bring home? Spread your wings from the traditional apple pie and experiment with new ways to enjoy this crunchy, juicy fruit. Because as your mother always told you, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


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