Franke Ice Sanitation Device

Sanitizes Ice Machines Continuously

This compact device uses a unique, diamond-based technology to continuously treat incoming water used by ice machines, sanitizing the water and ice path from beginning to end. The unit attaches quickly to the water supply line of most ice cube making machines.

Features & Benefits

  • Vastly reduces the risk of foodborne illness
  • Dramatically reduces frequency of ice machine cleanings
  • Removes unpleasant odors from ice
  • Easily attaches to incoming water line of existing machines
  • Operator-replaceable, “twist-on” electrolysis cartridge lasts about 6 to12 months on average depending on several factors
  • Indicator lamp tells when it’s time to replace cartridge

How It Works

  • Diamond-based electrolytic cell safely creates ozone in the water supply, on demand
  • All water flowing through the ice machine acts as a sanitizer, cleaning the lines, reservoir, evaporator, and more
  • Treated water then forms into ice cubes, which contain ozone in the outer layer
  • Gradually released as the ice melts, the ozone sanitizes the ice bin surfaces, bin drain, and more
  • Electrolysis cartridge is replaced by the Operator

Franke Ozone Sanitizing Spray Bottle

“Green” Sanitizer from Water is Chemical Free, ≥99.9% Effective and Ready on Demand.

The Franke EcO3Spray Bottle turns common drinking water into an ozone solution, a sanitizer as powerful as chlorine but without chlorine’s dangerous fumes or residue. The environmentally friendly, truly “green,” chemical-free solution sanitizes and disinfects to protect against many common pathogens. And it’s effective against organic odors.

The tiny electrolytic cell, based on proprietary diamond technology, runs on batteries and creates dissolved ozone on demand from the water itself.
Ozone (O3) is a naturally strong oxidant and sanitizer and is ‘generally recognized as safe’ (GRAS) by the FDA and even approved for use on organic foods.

Water Based Sanitizer

  • Proven sanitizer generated from water
  • Kills common bacteria and viruses
  • Destroys odor-causing bacteria

Chemical Free and Heat Free

  • Produces Ozone (O3) solution when water from the tank passes through the electrolytic cell
  • Creates no residue
  • Reverts to Oxygen (O2) and water when the work is done
  • Ozone is a proven sanitizer and it’s ‘generally recognized as safe’ (GRAS) by the FDA and approved for use on organic foods

Ready On Demand

  • Active ingredient is always ready, on demand
  • No waiting or wondering about sanitizer strength
  • No capital equipment to buy or lease
  • No complicated accessories
  • No chemicals to inventory

Easy to Use

  • Spray, wait, and wipe (or air dry)
  • User-friendly lights indicate the sanitizer is there
  • No need to check the concentration or temperature every few hours
  • Runs on long-lasting rechargeable batteries

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